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Apache accesses Apache accesses
Apache processes Apache processes
Apache volume Apache volume


Filesystem usage (in %) Filesystem usage (in %)
Filesystem usage (in bytes) Filesystem usage (in bytes)
Inode usage (in %) Inode usage (in %)
IOstat IOstat


eth0 errors eth0 errors
eth0 traffic eth0 traffic
Netstat Netstat


NTP statistics for peer host-15-186-220-24.midco.net NTP statistics for peer host-15-186-220-24.midco.net
Uptime Uptime


Postfix bytes throughput Postfix bytes throughput
Postfix Mailqueue Postfix Mailqueue


Fork rate Fork rate
Number of Processes Number of Processes
VMstat VMstat


Available entropy Available entropy
CPU usage CPU usage
File table usage File table usage
Individual interrupts Individual interrupts
Inode table usage Inode table usage
Interrupts & context switches Interrupts & context switches
Load average Load average
Memory usage Memory usage
Swap in/out Swap in/out
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